Design – Product

Read about the Superhuman Product / Market Fit Engine

Product / Market Fit is not just for start-ups seeking venture capital for a new product idea. You may have an existing product or service that you need to identify your core customers who will LOVE it. Or, you may have a product that’s been in-market for years that could be adjusted to fit an entirely new, adjacent audience.

Whether you’re building from scratch, introducing a new product, or optimizing an existing service, we can help. The process is the same for small businesses as it is for large enterprises.


We use modern web technologies, but we don’t ride the bleeding edge. We prefer tested and proven tech that’s highly accessible. When possible, we lean toward off-the-shelf products that can be customized through APIs and “webhook” events.

We handle small- and medium-sized projects, from 1- and 2-person teams to cross-discipline Agile teams of 9-12 members.

We can take your product from inception to production and can support high-growth situations.

Grow – marketing

Let us build your bespoke sales automation funnel. Contact us today.

Marketing Automation

There are many marketing automation systems out there and we’ve worked with many of them: SalesForce, Hubspot, Marketo, InfusionSoft, Mautic, and more. We’ve even bent MailChimp to our will on occasion, and rolled our own.

For small business through mid-size enterprise, we recommend ActiveCampaign, which gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.

We are an ActiveCampaign Certified Consultant and can help you launch a new or improve your existing customer journey.

Digital Advertising

Search, display, email, social media, video, affiliates … all of these marketing tools weave together with your marketing automation to feed the growth engine. We take these different one-size-fits-most solutions and integrate them into a cohesive strategy, so that the sum of the whole is much greater than the individual parts.

Are you trying to grow your $500,000 business into a $5,000,000 business, or your $5,000,000 business into a $50,000,000 business? We’ve done that!

Product + Technology + Marketing = E-Commerce

Foundational Tech Stack


The workhorse for simple websites like this one and basic e-commerce via WooCommerce. We selectively use plugins and write our own themes, plugins, and WP RESTful services to accomplish tasks.


Our preferred utility language for not only web applications (i.e., Django) but also for quick automations, API mashups, webhook actions, and as a gateway to machine learning applications and more advanced data processing.


For complex and custom web applications. For simple front-ends, we prefer MVC-style HTML + CSS + jQuery, but for complex user interfaces, we’ll switch to Angular with a DRF to support the web application.


We use a panoply of services, starting with EC2 (docker + traefik for small site clusters), S3, CloudFront, ECS (Kubernetes for larger applications), and SageMaker (Machine Learning), then follow with more specific solutions as needed.


Our preferred CRM + Marketing Automation platform. We’re Certified Consultants and use all aspects of the product, including the RESTful API for automation extensions to other marketing systems.


With that technology foundation, we integrate off-the-shelf platforms with custom-written plug-ins, webhooks, and “glue” code to automate processes, improve customer experiences, and accelerate product growth.